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The Clarify My Skin! Trio contains:

  • Soft, plant-based, biodegradable cleansing cloths help balance skin’s complexion without over drying
  • 8oz toner removes impurities, soothes, and clarifies your skin
  • 3.3oz mist is perfect for a refreshing, clarifying, cleansing spritz throughout the day

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Clarify My Skin! (Toner, Mist & Cleansing Pads Bundle)



Using wild harvested Witch Hazel, Cleanse, Tone and Clarify with this trio of Organic skincare essentials to condition your skin every step of the way.

The secret to our skincare is wild harvested witch hazel, carefully gathered through selective cutting on organic harvestlands in New England. We never use the whole plant – leaving behind enough for regrowth to improve forest health. We source our plants from their natural habitat where they’ve had to survive in the wild and have grown more resilient and nutrient-dense than farm-grown plants.

  • 8oz
  • 3.3oz Mist
  • In stock

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