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Title: About Humphreys

The History of Humphreys

More than a century ago, Frederick Humphreys took the lead in homeopathic circles, sharing his expertise with thousands of patients and prescribers. Humphreys brought forth his findings of homeopathic "combinations" and coined the term "Homeopathic Specifics." His preparations offered in one dose what traditional homeopathic physicians would prescribe by the individual ingredient, making the formulas much more widely accessible.

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Its What's Inside

Humphreys has produced the quality skin care and personal care products for generations. Our products are based on traditional, time-honored ingredients, updated to reflect the latest developments in health and beauty. Today, you and your family can benefit from the same quality and purity of Humphreys remedies. Humphreys helps you care for your body in the gentlest way possible.

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